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Jumaat, 13 Ogos 2010

Think you know how to invest money? Try this game

Do you know how to use money to make money?
Know anything about investing in stocks?

Malaysian youths never had the chance to learn this. Ever. Until now.

Colleges and universities across the country have partnered with OSK Investment Bank to give our students a fun way to experience and learn the valuable skill of investing, without the risk of losing money.

Through this online competition: You will experience trading in the REAL Malaysian stock market to build your wealth. How much money can you make? Cash and weekly prizes worth up to RM170,000 await those who try.
jom le try...x susah...senang je

Ahad, 1 Ogos 2010

setelah beberapa ketika....

penantian itu memang satu penyeksaan kan??? ermm selalu macam tu lah..macam aku jugak..
tggu punya tggu punya tggu, finally dapat jgk cari budak band yang baru tuk tahun ni...kali ni akau rase special sikit...memang betul2 ikut konsep 1Malaysia...ermm kalau x salah aku le...
kali ni band HOTWATERBAND ni terdiri drp pelbagai kaum...1st time jd macm ni selepas beberapa thn sume berbakat besar...BEST


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